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About Andi D.

There is something to be said about being named "Joy" and, to boot, being born on New Year's Day. I've always felt it my purpose to bring Joy into the lives of others. When I was growing up, I wanted to be in the arts. I took dance lessons since I was ten years old and loved performing. In my 20's, I taught myself how to play guitar, began writing songs, and started a band. I had a great go in the Toronto Music scene till the early 2000s. Performing and recording music brought much joy to me and many others.


I am also a practical person and knew that as much as I wanted to be a rock star, I had better have a fallback career. I was looking into Shiatsu programs to deepen my love of eastern traditions when a friend suggested I go to massage therapy school because insurance would cover my services as an RMT. ( shiatsu at that time was not covered )


So I went to massage therapy school and graduated in 1993. Simultaneously I fell in love with yoga and Meditation and began a devoted practice in both Hatha yoga and Vipassana Meditation. I am certified to teach in both these practices and have done so all my professional life. 


After eight years of practice as a traditional massage therapist, my hands could not take the work anymore. I also found that deep tissue massage helped in some capacities but did not get to the root of my client's issues. At this point, I began to shift my focus. How could I help people on a deeper level? 


Thus, I began my journey as a cranial sacral therapist, a neuroscience enthusiast and an integrative body therapist. In 2013 I moved from Toronto to Hamilton and set up shop at Mountain Wellness Center. This new beginning allowed me to curate myself as an Integrative Therapist and move away from traditional Swedish massage. I call this work Joy Therapy.


Joy Therapy has offerings in all things Andi D. (my stage name, and it has stuck with me ever since). Cranial Sacral Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Development. I specialize in working with people with chronic pain, acquired brain injuries, concussions, TMJ and other conditions who have not had relief from other forms of conventional treatment. I teach yoga and meditation classes and even created the virtual 28-day Journey to Joy, laying down the foundation of daily spiritual practice to help my clients in their healing journey.


Focussing on joy does not mean we let go of difficult emotions. It does not promise that it will completely alleviate pain. Instead, it will shift how the brain processes these challenges and open doors to more happiness.


With 30 years of practice, experience, and continuing education, my goal is to facilitate you on your healing journey by:

~ Reducing your pain, 

~ Connecting you to your heart 

~ Providing insight and resources 

~ Opening your life up for more joy


Please look around my site to see if my approach resonates with you. Or view my library of resources for inspiration and insight. It is with such honour and gratitude that I have the privilege to work with the people I do. I wish you much Joy.


In peace and friendship;

Andi D.

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