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The Joy Journey

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My parents gave me the middle name Joy. As their unexpected 3rd child, I guess that is what I was to them, their "little bundle of Joy" born on New Years Day 1965, in Toronto. I believe this name has influenced my life and my career knowing that Joy is what I bring to many people, especially my clients. In response the the 2020 world pandemic, I created a 28 day virtual journey to bring more joy at a time when fear and anxiety were leading our days. Since that time, more and more of my clients are inquiring about how to decrease their stress and quiet the mind, The joy journey is designed for you to follow at a time that suits you best (morning is recommended), and only requires 30 minutes a day. If you are seeking more joy, a finer understanding of yourself and a method to lower stress and anxiety this journey will lead you on that path.

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Joy Seekers

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